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 Raghu Panigrahi

We were thinking of giving up on our German Shephard and put him for adoption. I 'm really overwhelmed with their training as our dog follows not only my instructions, but even my wife's.

Happy Woman

Aradhya Shetty

The training and discipline Tamely provided us with gave us good communication between me and my pet and build a bridge for the lost connection.

Young Man

Raj Desai

Such a wonderful training package at low cost gave us the knowledge of training to make them learn with positive games and teaching makes the pet to be more than like a family.

Our customers are now pack leaders!

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  • Pulling on leash

  • Lunging on other dogs

  • Overexcitement

  • Barking at other dogs or doorbell

  • Separation anxiety

Dog pulling on leash

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Is your dog showing any of these behaviours?

Man with his Dog

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Dog giving a high five

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